Polybutadiene Grades

Production Detail:

butadiene rubber: It consists of polybutadiene, an elastomer (elastic polymer) built up by chemically linking multiple molecules of butadiene to form giant molecules, or polymers. The polymer is noted for its high resistance to abrasion, low heat buildup, and resistance to cracking

CAS No.: 9003-17-2

Synonym: Polybutadiene

Uses/applications: Polybutadiene has a high resistance to wear and is used especially in the manufacture of tires, which consumes about 70% of the production. Another 25% is used as an additive to improve the toughness (impact resistance) of plastics such as polystyrene and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). and Polybutadiene Rubber which is a polymerized by butadiene is the most elastic rubber type. Major application for BR include tire treads, tire carcass and sidewalls, under-treads, cycle tires, conveyor belts, sportswear, golf balls, automotive components, conveyor belts and shoe heels and soles